For as long as we have been human, we have been shamans.

This access offered into the unseen side of our world, in all its manifold mystery, is part of our birthright.

Shamans worldwide routinely help with all manner of human distress, encompassing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, working in partnership with compassionate spirit allies to restore wholeness and balance to individuals, communities and the earth.

I offer shamanic healing sessions which may include any or all of: energetic intrusion removal, energy retrieval, soul retrieval, curse unravelling or removal of attachments. Whatever shows up as needing balancing in the session is what we will address. First we clean and tidy the spiritual “house” (your body and energy system); then we can welcome home whatever is missing, the presence of which would provide balance, joy and singing vitality.

Additionally I teach shamanic journeying, providing clients with the foundational expertise needed to enter non-ordinary reality, the domain of our spirit kin who do the actual healing and can provide both information and the wisdom we need to find and walk our own souls’ true path.

And last (but by no means least) I act as spiritual companion/director, supporting a few wayfarers on their chosen spiritual path. My own background has ranged from Christian (American evangelical to Episcopal lay reader and chalice bearer) through to shamanic healing and divination, and to initiation into a European women’s tradition of healing and seership, each step resting on all those before it, so I am happy to support you wherever your spiritual path has begun and through whatever inner landscapes it takes you.

Ancient Hands, Stencil Paintings, Rio Pinturas Canyon, Cave of the Hands, Patagonia, Province of Santa Cruz, Argentina

Laurie has been practising shamanic healing work for many years and accepting clients professionally for 17 years.  She undertakes all forms of healing work as well as divination, house and land clearing and blessing, drumming healing group facilitation and shamanic training.  Laurie has trained extensively in classical shamanism with The Sacred Trust, Dorset. She has also undertaken training with The Foundation for Shamanic Studies ( Additionally, Laurie is a full mesa carrier (paqo, or shaman) in the Inka Andean tradition and an initiate of The Path of Pollen/Forest Way tradition.  When working with a client or group, Laurie calls on spirit and together they use whatever tools and methods are appropriate to the situation.

Located in Minehead, Somerset, Laurie accepts clients from Somerset and Devon and will travel by arrangement. She also undertakes distance work.

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If you would like to discuss what work we might do together, or wish to make an appointment, in person or at a distance, contact me on or 0774 999 6126.

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