February 2020 – A conversation with Jaime Meyer of cauldron_PNG29The Society For Shamanic Practice about our invisible work as humans and the art and science of holding space.





January 2019 – A deeper look at and conversation with our forest web of lifeancestors and our own place in the web of life and the flow of time here in our earthly home.



Message-from-Council-of-13-GrandmothersNovember 2018 – A guided journey to meet with the ancestors and to confer with them about whatever burdens our hearts in this troubled and amazing world we share.



AlexOctober 2018 – A conversation with storyteller and sound therapist Alexandra Simpson of Story-Well exploring the role of story in our lives and in the many roles of the Community Shaman.



earth by nasaSeptember 2018 – A guided shamanic journey into the deep intelligence of this earth through the gateway of our own body which is, after all, an aspect of Earth’s intelligence. We will be asking for particular, personal information for each one of us from our mother, the earth.



Broken-Heart-Painting-On-WallA conversation with fellow practitioner Jaime Meyer of drummingthesoulawake.com around the topic of forgiveness and justice.



exmoor treesJuly 2018 – A guide for the aspiring shamanic pracitioner and Community Shaman on befriending allies, wooing aspects of spirit and of earth so thatyou become friends who feed and trust each other.



P1020316June 2018 – A shamanic guide to prayer as a gateway to a life that is rich and full and in which you continually discover your True Self, the self you came here to be, from the point of view of a Community Shaman, which we all can be.



original siberian shaman drumMay 2018 – An opportunity to journey further, meet a guide and perhaps ask a question. No need to worry if you have forgotten the process; full instructions are included.


Deb Swingholm Flowering MoonApril 2018 – A discussion with Deb Swingholm of Flowering Moon about the coupling of shamanic practice and art-making / handcrafting.



toolbox drawingFebruqry 2018 – Here is a basic toolkit: three practices used by shamans (which we all are to one extent or another) which, if used regularly (say, five out of seven days) will completely transform you and the world you live in.



inuit flying shaman smallJanuary 2018 – A brief introduction to shamanic journeying, an “archaic technique of ecstacy” (the experience of being larger than your body and your normal way of existing) which is fundamental to the practice of shamanism the world over.




rsz_reindeer_drum_drawingWinter Solstice 2017 – Here is a guided journey into the mysterious dark and a story starring reindeer, whose great heart sustains life in so many ways, for the solstice period: