then you might also enjoy a book I just wrote. It is called Walking Your Soul’s True Path: Transformative Shamanic Practices to Rock the World, and it means it!

If you have felt curiosity about shamans and what they do in the background to support their shamanic journeys, healing, and big ceremonies, or if you have simply felt yourself longing to live a life that is rich and full, larger than your own interests and concerns, then this book was written with you in mind. Provided here is a clear and accessible discussion of practices engaged in by shamans all over the world to bring themselves and their communities into right relationship with the earth, with all our relations, and with the spirit of life herself; to create realities and outcomes that were unlikely to occur on their own; and to sustain life as the ongoing reciprocity between the human and the more than human worlds. Included are descriptions of the practices, explanations of how they work, and suggestions of how to start to bring these practices into our lives. Whether you have training and experience in spiritual or shamanic practice or are entirely new to this sort of undertaking, this book can act as a guide to a deeper understanding of your self, your life, and of the unseen aspects of this miraculous, dangerous, delicious universe of which we are an interal part. It stands as an invitation to step further in, to experience life more fully, and to help to co-create our shared reality consciously.

The paperback is available in English on Amazon websites by country; you can also purchase the Kindle ebook (currently also availalbe for free reading on Kindle Unlimited, or you can download the book in pdf or epub format right here! The cost is just $9.00 – which is about £6.00.

Walking Your Soul’s True Path pdf

This is a pdf or epub version of the book that you can read on your computer, tablet or phone if it supports pdf of epub. Email me stating your format preference and I will attach and send via return email.


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